1. World Level Class Room
  2. Modern Ultra Facilities Training Labs
  3. Facilities of 24-Hours Library & Computer Lab
  4. Well Qualified Faculty Members
  5. Wi-Fi Campus
  6. Medical Facilities
  7. Transportation Facilities
  8. Separate Hostel Facilities for Girls & Boys

Extra Curricular Activities

  1. Sports:- The facilities for sports and physical recreations are provided at nearest stadium for both indoor and outdoor games. Existing facilities include cricket, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and athletic etc.

  2. Cultural:-Several cultural activities are regularly organised in the institute with active participations of students. Fresher day, foundation day, all festival day, New Year celebration etc. are just to name of you.

  3. Tour:-Excursion tour is the common phenomenon here. Here students are taken tour hotel, trade fares, picnic, sports and similar places for the purpose of combing education and entertainment.

  4. Library:-The institute resource centre is truly wealthy and it is upgraded continuously. It acquires the books and research material, aspects of hospitality of all over world. The resource centre forms and invaluable tour for promoting initiative and self help principle amongst students.

Training Labs

  1. Training for Restaurant And Bar A training restaurant and bar equipped to cater latest national and international technique of service as per with the industry. Training of buffet banquet, guerdon service etc. are also provided in this lab.

  2. Basic Kitchen (B.T.K) TrainingThis kitchen is used primarily introduce the art of cookery to the standard.

  3. Quantity Food KitchenUsed for banquet and bulk cooking and is the launching pad for new courses, familiarly with the art and science of cooking is indeed essential part of good hospitality operation.

  4. Advanced Training of Kitchen (A.T.K)Having mastered the basic, it is time for student to progress on to this kitchen elaborate dish are prepared here. The cuisine under consideration are Continental, Indian , Chinese, Mexican, Arabic, Italian and Spanish.

  5. Bakery And ConfectioneryThis lab takes care of all baking and confectionery requirements of the syllabus. Students prepare the most exquisite breads and desserts.

  6. Front OfficeFront office is equipped with front office counter, bulletin board, public address system, luggage net and all required accessories. Since it is the first point of contact for guest, special attention is paid to its upkeep.

  7. House KeepingThis lab introduces all housekeeping tasks like different types of chemical, standard sizes of rooms, bed and linen.

  8. Computer ApplicationThe institute has a well equipped computer lab with IDS and others software which are used in hospitality industry. The students are extensively exposed to the use of standard software and their utilization in management problem solving.