Department of Hospitality & Tourism

The contribution of Hospitality and Tourism to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to cross over US$ 185 billion by 2019 as referred in Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2009 in World Economic Forum.

Hospitality and Tourism Industry the world over is experiencing a boom time. With increase in incomes, recreation is fast becoming a vogue. The lack of qualified skilled workforce is hindering the phenomenal growth that Hospitality and Tourism Industry can achieve.

Tourism and hospitality are among the growth industries of the world, with more and more jobs on offer. Covering a wide range of occupations in different organizations – many of them overlapping – they offer you the chance of an interesting career with many opportunities to progress.

In order to meet the Industry requirement and provide the skilled workforce to the Industry in Hospitality and Tourism, COMS Institute at Varanasi, U.P. offers 1 year, 2 years and 3 years Hotel Management program in Hospitality and Tourism in Regular mode. with ever evolving syllabi, qualified faculty and excellent Infrastructure.

Checklist: Why study Hospitality and Tourism at COMS?

The Northern region of India specially U.P is fast growing as a hub of Tourism.

The program at COMS has an ever evolving syllabi, qualified faculty and excellent Infrastructure.

COMS has close links with the industries in Hospitality and Tourism industries.

You will have the opportunity to improve your skills in the English language and Two foreign language which will also help in your future.

As a general rule, hospitality courses prepare you to work in the catering and accommodation industries while Tourism courses enable you to work in Good Managerial positions as well as an entrepreneur. If studying at COMS you will have an exposure to this combo course.